April 18, 2014

Upcoming Rides, Jerseys, Etc.

Hope everyone is enjoying break! Great news, our new team jerseys are in and we'll pass them out on Wednesday. In an effort to create a team uniform, please wear black shorts if at all possible. More good news is that new members Megan and Trent have been successfully outfitted with bikes. Our regular rides will be starting up this week. As a minimum, we'll ride Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. So, our next meeting is Wednesday, April 23. We'll meet at 2:30 by the tennis courts. We'll plan to ride for just an hour or so. Parents should be at LHS for pickup by 3:45 at the latest. We'll do either a 10 or 13 mile warmup loop (see our Rides page for route details). One final note... I would like everyone to lock their bikes on the bike rack, when possible (i.e. not raining). With our increase in numbers there is less space in my room. Also, it is great publicity to have the bikes out there for others to question. Of course if you forget a lock or it is raining, just bring the bikes up to my room and we'll work it out. See you Wednesday!