May 21, 2014

Steven's First Ride

Track season has ended and Steven has rejoined the peloton! Megan will be joining us on Friday :) Good times! We have 3 more riders planning to join us in June. Keeping it rolling!

Today's ride was one focused on pace lines, but in a larger group. We were a much larger team today and that changed the dynamics for the better, but certainly required adjustments for each rider to accommodate the tight team pace and goals.

We stopped at Mystic Cycle Centre for a couple of quick tunes. Thank you MCC! Alex found a pair of shorts and X has his Christmas present picked out, a sick snow-mountain bike with massive tires.

We paced it hard on a loop through Mystic and Stonington, and then ended the ride with a little competition. As we turned onto Gallup Hill Rd, the call was for anyone to attack. X attacked immediately up the first of many hills. He rode off the front over the first too big ones and never looked back. Mr. Jannke chased him to no avail. Then Steven and Gianni attacked Mr. Jannke and left him hobbling home. X powered on and could not be caught: a brilliant solo effort. Gianni and Steven's collaboration ended on the final climb, when Steven jammed a gear. Gianni caught X for a final sprint finish between the two.