June 10, 2014

Mid-June Update

Well things are shaping up really well for June!! We have 3 beginner riders working regularly on skills development and fundamentals. Their progression is so good that they are able to contribute to pace lines with our 4 experienced racers; we can all ride together and have a blast! The 4 experienced riders have been training hard for the CT Team Time Trial Championships this Sunday. They are looking really good!

After this Sunday, we’ll move from our basic skills and TTT focus to doing plenty of fun group rides for the rest of the month.

Exciting news….Mystic Cycle Centre donated a dozen blue water bottles. I’ll bring a full cooler of cold water bottles to all of our rides from now on, so there is no need to send a bottle with your child. If you are a Facebook or Twitter user, kindly take the time to like/follow MCC as a show of support for their generosity.

This week we will only be riding together on Wednesday. I’ll go over the TTT plan with the racers on Wednesday and we’ll all get together next week for more group rides. Non-racers feel free to get out on those bikes over the weekend to keep developing your form.

If a parent has access to BJs or whatever and would be willing to donate to the riders, I am looking for a big tub or 2 of powdered Gatorade to use in the bottles. Things will be heating up.