June 26, 2015

Team Schedule for Coming Week

Wow, it's been an amazing week; we had 4 new riders join! Coach Jannke is heading off on vacation with G on July 4, so we only have one week left of organized riding. Of course, everyone should train/ride on their own and then we'll pick up with all sorts of great group rides, training, etc., on July 21 when Jannke returns.

Here is the schedule for our last week before break.

27 Sat - 6pm mod-to-high speed ride from LHS
28 Sun - no ride, rest, it is going to rain, even if you want to ride, take a day off and rest
29 Mon - 6pm mod-to-high speed ride from LHS
30 Tues - 6pm mod-to-high speed ride from LHS
1 Wed - 8:30 AM ride mod-to-high speed ride from LHS
2 Thurs - OFF Jannke is picking up G in VT - RACERS should do TT
3 Fri - 6pm mod-to-high speed ride from LHS (with G)

July 4-20 no organized rides. Just individual training and the Pequot TTs.

As always, our calendar is accurate and available at the link above, or you can bookmark this link for a more user-friendly view of the calendar, http://bit.ly/1Gz8TmN.