April 3, 2016

MTB Race at Berlin High School Wednesday April 6

After our successful first ever mountain bike race last month, many of our riders are in top positions for the CCAP 3-Race MTB Series this spring http://www.ctcyclingadvancement.org/events-series/ccap-spring-mtb-series/ 

I know a few of you have moved on to spring sports and a few of you didn’t make the last race. I want to encourage everyone that can to come out to the second race, which is this Wednesday, April 6 at Berlin High School https://www.bikereg.com/ccap-school-short-track-series-2 

We now have 7 club mountain bikes and I just had all 7 tuned up. So, I have a mountain bike for anyone and everyone.

Wednesday’s race starts at 4:15 and Berlin is an hour away, so we need to leave right after school, so as to have time to scout the course, warm up, etc.

Again, this is meant to be a fun series. While technically it is a “race” the overall goal is to have fun and support each other.

Please confirm with Mr. Jannke that you wish to attend (bring a friend to try it out, too).