July 31, 2014

Quick Productive Morning

Our morning today was quite productive. With Xavier doing a triathlon tonight, we sent Gianni and X off for a quick 15 mile loop through Ledyard's finest. Mrs. Froh and Mr. Jannke worked on Megan's bike (thank you CCAP) to set her up with clipless pedals (thank you Brumble Bikes) and shoes. Megan worked hard on the trainer and in the parking lot for an hour and a half perfecting her technique. Time to get her back out on the road with the newfound power of proper shoes/pedals. Watch out!

July 29, 2014

Summer Group Ride

We enjoyed a long morning on the bikes with 5 of our 7 student riders. We did a fun group ride through Stonington and Mystic before finishing out the 29 miles with our obligatory climb back to the high school. We stopped in Mystic for ice cream. What a spectacular morning in southeastern CT! We ride again Thursday morning at 8 am from LHS.