February 29, 2016

The CCAP MB Series Comes to Ledyard

We have some exciting and fun news. First, we started a middle school cycling club, which is focusing on mountain biking. Next we are hosting the first of a 3-race mountain bike series by the CCAP on March 9! Some of our middle school riders will be “racing.” I say “racing” because this really isn’t a serious race. It’s more for fun. There will be 3 classes: middle school, JV and varsity. Kids will be coming from all over Connecticut! More exciting news is that the CCAP has given us 4 mountain bikes! LHS is putting together a team of high schoolers who will ride. The “race” is free. Don’t bother registering. I will register you. I just need names of those who will ride. Also, I need to know if you want a loner mountain bike. Please respond to me ASAP. Thanks! -Mr. Jannke

Below is the event flyer and map, but again, don't register online, just email or see Mr. Jannke. Click on the images for a larger view.